The first impression is usually a lasting impression. It would behoove all parties to not take the time to understand what is about to take place on “your campus”. Hence , this is their first visit in hopes of not being their last. Understanding your coaching style is one thing, knowing your relational style is another. Recruits and their parents are eager to get to know the head coach. Every word is noted, every comment, praise or not is taken into consideration. Did I mention your non-verbal body language is being read as well. Yes, the lack of eye contact or the many times you said “um”. Oh yeah please don't forget to lick your lips and wipe the corner of your mouth. Public speaking 101, presence speaks volumes! Ok, so now you have taken the tour and practice just ended, its time to sit down in the corner office with the head coach and talk basketball. Now is this time to really find out where you stand if they haven't already laid it our for you… “we are offering you”! Honestly, If you let someone talk long enough, they will tell you all you need to know about them. So, the...


You have played the game of basketball for several years, paid your dues on the AAU circuit and now your starting for your high school basketball team. You have friends and teammates that are being heavily recruited yet you haven’t received the same attention. Your parents have supported your process, sacrificed days and nights as well as finances to ensure that you have every opportunity to play college basketball. The only thing is, you aren’t on anyones radar. If you are this student-athlete…continue reading.

College basketball coaches are in search of a student-athlete that is well balanced. One that possesses three important qualities: the vocal player, the well conditioned player and the player that pays attention to detail ensuring leadership. Not to mention high academic standards as well. If you consider yourself that player, and you are still wondering why college coaches have not bombarded you with texts, direct messages, emails and phone calls. I am here to share with you why!

The #2 reason...


The question was often asked,”where do I find information on how this recruiting process works?”. As a coach I would always utilize that particular moment to infuse honest, sincerity and truth in my response. The information you are looking for is right in front of you. The problem is, you may not always understand or pick up on the subtle hints given by numerous coaches. In truth, that is the challenge.

The basketball recruiting process can be very complicated, confusing and most of all frustrating. There are so many rules, do’s and don’ts that at times you may feel like the process is futile. I am here to tell you there is a blueprint to navigating the process. Sure, some may say there are several ways to navigate the process and I agree. However, I believe once you have experienced the process and been on both sides of the journey, as a player and a coach, your experiences become valuable. Valuable to share with others in hopes they too can learn more about what is important in helping them make the right decision, choosing their ideal school of choice.