Reasons #2 and #3 why college coaches aren't recruiting you

You have played the game of basketball for several years, paid your dues on the AAU circuit and now your starting for your high school basketball team. You have friends and teammates that are being heavily recruited yet you haven’t received the same attention. Your parents have supported your process, sacrificed days and nights as well as finances to ensure that you have every opportunity to play college basketball. The only thing is, you aren’t on anyones radar. If you are this student-athlete…continue reading.

College basketball coaches are in search of a student-athlete that is well balanced. One that possesses three important qualities: the vocal player, the well conditioned player and the player that pays attention to detail ensuring leadership. Not to mention high academic standards as well. If you consider yourself that player, and you are still wondering why college coaches have not bombarded you with texts, direct messages, emails and phone calls. I am here to share with you why!

The #2 reason why college coaches aren’t recruiting you is knowledge! As a player it is important to understand how the recruiting process works not only from a players perspective but also from a coaches perspective. Understanding how a college coach thinks , prepares and recruits are vital to understanding how they will recruit you. If you can stay atop of specific recruiting strategies, language among college coaches and of course NCAA rules, you are ahead of the recruiting process curve. You may be asking, how do I gain this knowledge? Look no further… As a former Div I player, WNBA professional, and college coach, my experiences are the knowledge you need. I understand the how, why and when, and you can too!

The #3 reason why college coaches aren’t recruiting you is exposure. Maybe you play for an AAU team that travels to an AAU event but you always find yourself playing the 8 am slot or the last game of the night. At that 8 am game there are a few college coaches but most stroll in really preparing for the 9 am game. The last game of the night usually consist of coaches spending more time on their cell phones texting colleagues about where they plan to eat and not evaluating you. Finding the right AAU events and understanding how these events shape your recruiting process is key. I want to also mention your high school team and the impact your high school season has on your recruiting process. College coaches spend the majority of their time and recruiting days traveling to various schools to recruit the best players. If your high school team does not travel to various tournaments that too may affect your ability to have maximum exposure and thus affect your recruiting process. It is by no means the end all be all to the recruiting process but reason #2 and #3 do weigh heavily. So your probably wondering, what is the #1 reason why a college coach is not recruiting me? Click here and I will share the answer!