What a Head Coach should not have said on the “official visit”...

The first impression is usually a lasting impression. It would behoove all parties to not take the time to understand what is about to take place on “your campus”. Hence , this is their first visit in hopes of not being their last. Understanding your coaching style is one thing, knowing your relational style is another. Recruits and their parents are eager to get to know the head coach. Every word is noted, every comment, praise or not is taken into consideration. Did I mention your non-verbal body language is being read as well. Yes, the lack of eye contact or the many times you said “um”. Oh yeah please don't forget to lick your lips and wipe the corner of your mouth. Public speaking 101, presence speaks volumes! Ok, so now you have taken the tour and practice just ended, its time to sit down in the corner office with the head coach and talk basketball. Now is this time to really find out where you stand if they haven't already laid it our for you… “we are offering you”! Honestly, If you let someone talk long enough, they will tell you all you need to know about them. So, the right questions will solicit the answers you have always wanted to know. Questions that elicit a pause and then a response are the best. Even questions where assistant coaches chime in to ensure the correct message is being conveyed, are great too. From that point moving forward you are either in for the long haul or looking at dad or mom and wondering where you are going to eat dinner.

Hopefully the head coach made it clear, concise and consistent. Their presentation should not come off as brazen or wait, contradictory to their assistants. The programs vision should be evident and if not maybe its time to revisit your questions. Then again, ProgressRecruiting.com can help you with that.

Ok, so the tone, language and everything else involved should have sold you by now. Typically, that first gut feeling you are experiencing is usually the right one. Dismissing it as overwhelming excitement, well it could be that but there is more to your emotions. At this point the visit is probably nearing the end. The assistants are repeating themselves ensuring you and your parents are aware, “we would love to have you apart of this program”. Now here is the final ticker… If they haven’t offered consider yourself not a “top” priority and it may be time to revisit that list of schools. If they did offer, congratulations! You are now considered apart of their next recruiting class. The next level of the recruiting process has just begun. Remember each experience is either moving you closer to a scholarship or re-visiting that list. Happy Progress Recruiting!