Testaments from my circle of impact...


Sending our daughter from Europé to the US is a big thing. Having Coach K as an advisor and a guide throughout the whole process, made our family feel very calm and comfortable. She is very professional and very human in her work. Her work surpassed our high expectations. We could not have dreamed of better help and support. If any of our younger girls would like to go to college in the future, I would not hesitate for one second to put our faith in Progress Recruiting


Coach K helped me find confidence in myself as she dedicated her time and effort to help me get athletic Division I scholarships. My process all happened within the last few months of my senior year, but the faith she showed in me really was proof of her reliability. Her objectivity, honesty, and ability to listen made a difference in recruiting endeavors as it helped me see where I was and where I needed to be. Coach K was resourceful for all aspects of my transition to college basketball and still has a positive impact on my life today.

J. Clark, Fairleigh Dickinson University, 16'

Coach K helped me substantially in the recruiting process, allowing me to land a full scholarship at Fairleigh Dickinson University. Her attention and guidance during this process helped me grasp a full understanding of what I needed to do to earn scholarships from schools of interest. Coach breaks down the process from the beginning and continues to build it up; she gives you all information needed during each stage of the recruiting process. I would recommend Progress Recruiting to any student-athlete because she truly guides her clients through the process the correct way and your opportunities can be endless


Coach K has done a lot for me throughout my recruiting process. Reliable, honest and dedicated she showed interested in helping me as she saw potential in me. Coming out of a high school in Canada with nearly no offers from American universities, she was able to help me get looks from mid to high major Division I programs. Coach K gave me all the necessary tools in order to ask the right questions and made sure I was going to have what I needed wherever I would go. Choosing a college is one of the most difficult & stressful decisions to make and I want to thank Progress Recruiting for helping me. A coach, a mentor, a counselor, that's what I found in Coach K and if anyone would need guidance I would tell them to put their trust in her!

D. Jackson, George Washington University, 11’

Coach K taught me the business aspect of the game. She impacted the way I played the game and my thought process on the court. She has always given me a positive view on my life and I appreciate everything she does for me till this day.

B. Lilley, St. Francis (Pa), 07’

Coach K has been a role model as well as a mentor at times of need. Her dedication to basketball and coaching helped me to find purpose in everything in life

M. Nipe, George Washington University, 11'

The influence she had on me, impacted the rest of my career for the better. From the beginning, she worked on not only building my skill set, but also building my confidence

D. Beal, Providence College, 14’(parent)

Coach K is just like family , loves the players but will tell them the truth about what they need to do to get better.

C. Chandler, George Washington University, 10' (parent)

You have always kept the lines of communications open. Have always appreciated the honest feedback and advice you have given

K. Allums, George Washington University, 11'

Coach K was always there to just listen, or offer advice. She taught me to trust myself, and to always move forward with confidence in anything that I do

A. Harris, Providence College, 14’

She has given me such a positive pool of energy. She has shown me that even if I make mistakes I can get better. To turn negative energy to positive energy to help me along the way

B. Patterson, UNC-Greensboro, 12’

Coach K helped me stay on track and was honest about everything I needed to know about basketball and playing at the next level

K. Robinson, Providence College, 14’

Encouraged me when needed, but also corrected me when I was wrong.Her positive and ambitious attitude inspired me to not quit and reach measures outside my comfort zone

K. Wakefield, George Mason University, 06’

Coach K has been a lot more than a coach to me.She never gave up on me and constantly reminded me of my positive characteristics/talents/skills, regardless of my constant mistakes on and off the court.

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