Kristeena A. Alexander


With over 20 years of experience, Kristeena Alexander is a mentor, entrepreneur and business manager. She is a former professional basketball player, coached collegiate women's basketball, and guided countless female athletes to success professionally. Her experience and wisdom in successfully navigating the high stakes and high-pressure world of collegiate basketball has distinguished her among her colleagues. A creative thinker, Kristeena knows how to drive and deliver results within team settings. She has a skill for creating vision and leading others and providing her clients services that they trust and rely on.

Building strong leaders with a diversity of thought and action continues to be the essence of her mission.

In 2014, Kristeena launched Progress Recruiting, through which she mentors and navigates student-athletes and their parents through the challenging college athletics decision-making process. The services offered through Progress Recruiting include life skills development, private coaching, mentorship, health wellness and injury prevention.

Kristeena earned her Bachelor of Arts in Human Services at The George Washington University, and she is currently a candidate for her Master of Human Resource Development at her alma mater. Having played point guard on George Washington Universities Division I basketball team, she has seen first-hand what college athletics looks like from the inside and from the outside. She has the remarkable capacity to effectively guide others through the process. Both one on one and during her speaking engagements, Kristeena is passionate about empowering individuals to make the most of their own careers athletically and professionally.

My career continues to be ever so rewarding.