The question was often asked,”where do I find information on how this recruiting process works?”. As a coach I would always utilize that particular moment to infuse honest, sincerity and truth in my response. The information you are looking for is right in front of you. The problem is, you may not always understand or pick up on the subtle hints given by numerous coaches. In truth, that is the challenge.

The basketball recruiting process can be very complicated, confusing and most of all frustrating. There are so many rules, do’s and don’ts that at times you may feel like the process is futile. I am here to tell you there is a blueprint to navigating the process. Sure, some may say there are several ways to navigate the process and I agree. However, I believe once you have experienced the process and been on both sides of the journey, as a player and a coach, your experiences become valuable. Valuable to share with others in hopes they too can learn more about what is important in helping them make the right decision, choosing their ideal school of choice.

College coaches have a job to do and that is to recruit the best student-athletes to represent their program on and off the court. What they don’t tell you is, there is a lot more to the equation of best, student-athlete, and what is expected on/off the court. Depending on the conversations you engage in with certain college coaches you will begin to understand what they want directly and indirectly. They will share with you their vision for the near future in regards to you and the program. It is crucial if not essential to your recruiting process to understand their needs and how you factor into their plans. Doing so will require knowing what to ask, who to ask ,and more specifically when to ask those particular questions. Doing so requires having a tangible recruiting action plan in place each step along the way. College coaches won’t tell you to stop wasting your time. As a parent and or a student-athlete it is up to you to sift through what is of value to make the best college decision. Sometimes you may have to rely on your gut feeling. That feeling of maybe this situation isn’t working the way you initially planned. At that particular moment your next step should involve the right course of action to getting you where you want to be. Your probably thinking where do I go and who can I speak to about this action plan. I suggest,

Having the right person with the experience and knowledge necessary in guiding you along the way, is essential to your college recruiting process. Progress Recruiting was built upon the premise of honesty, knowledge and a realistic approach to recruiting. Too many families encounter false information and quite honestly a lack of concern. Here at Progress Recruiting our approach is clear, simplify the recruiting process from confusion to realization!